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Screen Goo Americas Shows Well at LDI 2011



The Live Design professionals that attend LDI breathe life into the world’s live events including theater, concerts, houses of worship, theme parks, clubs, museums and even corporate presentations. Using their design talents, they use the lighting, sound, projection and effects gear they find at LDI-along with the pro training LDI offers- to build their vision.


Screen Goo Americas exhibited here as you can see from the video interview shown below. Please click on photo below to see Kevin Nute describe how Screen Goo came to be and how Screen Goo is a pivotal part in building stages, special effects and contributes in bringing Live performances to a different level altogether. 




Also Christie Digital used Screen Goo High Contrast coating system to demonstrate Christie’s stunning projection solutions at LDI 2011.  Screen Goo High Contrast turns any paintable surface into a high performance projection screen. Screen Goo has the unique ability to produce an impression of depth on a flat surface, and thus perfectly complemented the actual physical depth of the structure onto which the Christie video projection was displayed.


Christie provided the projectors for Screen Goo Americas' demonstration area at LDI as well. Screen Goo Americas showed Screen Goo applied to non-traditional substrate materials, with the goal of expanding the palette of projection possibilities available to lighting, stage and art directors. Since Screen Goo is a coating system, it can be applied to virtually any surface with no limitations in shape and size.


Combining Screen Goo with Christie's state of the art projectors puts the tools to implement “Projections Without Borders” into the hands of visual design community.


To read a complete Press Release announcing Screen Goo Americas and Christie Digital cooperation at LDI 2011 please click here.



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