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Rear Projection Screen Goo at 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show



Together with partners Franken Architects and agency Meire & Meire, Expolab GmbH was awarded an iF communications design award for their "What a birthday!" exhibit for the legendary MINI COOPER at the 2009 Frankfurt International Automobile Show, commissioned by German carmaker and owner of the MINI brand - BMW.


Their vision was to drive the two new MINI models on stage, by breaking through a large rear projection screen towards the end of a spectacular multimedia show. A mostly translucent substrate was chosen as the screen, a material which is normally used in packaging, as it had to be soft enough to tear easily on impact. However, the visual results were disappointing at first. There was enormous hot-spotting from the projector behind the screen, which killed the effect. That was until Peter Scholler, Managing Director of Expolab, suggested to coat the substrate with Screen Goo Rear Projection: "The effect was astonishing and everybody was amazed by this 'little wonder'. The response we received from the press was extremely good, as we had hoped, and so our goals were more than achieved", said Scholler.


Watch a short YouTube video here

Screen Goo congratulates Expolab for their amazing exhibit! Further info is available from:


Expolab GmbH
Pfaelzer-Wald-Str. 64
81539 Munich
Phone: +49 89 72989560      

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