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Welcome to Goo Systems Global Distribution - Goo Systems' Worldwide Sales, Marketing, Distribution and Customer Satisfaction and Support center. Our goal is to provide our customers with the dedicated support and attention they need with the VERY BEST the Projection Industry has to offer.


Screen Goo products are specially formulated, color correct, video screen coatings in liquid form. They allow the user to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance projection screen. The affordability and versatility of Screen Goo has seen it used in myriad applications, from home theatre to large scale commercial installations.

Screen Goo’s performance reflects many years of research and development. It has the capacity to outperform most of the existing screen products in use today. Screen Goo is made from a proprietary combination of the highest grade coating components available. Premium acrylic resins, museum grade pigments and other optical “Goo-dies” are blended using custom designed, purpose-built mixing equipment. Whether used in a professional or in a home setting, its simplicity of application, versatility and quality make Screen Goo the right choice for almost any projection job.

To determine the most suitable Screen Goo coating for any project, consideration needs to be given to Image Size, Projector Light Output, Ambient Light Levels and Content. You can determine Which Screen Goo you will need for your application by running our Goo Systems Product Calculator.

  • Screen Goo High ContrastSaudi Arabian Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo
  • Screen Goo High ContrastProjection Mapping at Avicii LE7VELS 2012 Tour
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastProjection Mapping at Christie Booth - Infocomm 2012
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastMaritime Experiential Museum - Resorts World - Sentosa Island
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastScreen Goo on Aluminum Structures at Dolphin Tales - Georgia Aquarium
  • Screen Goo High ContrastShowroom at Just HiFi, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Large Curved Screen Goo Screen at Harbour Green - Hong Kong
  • Screen Goo Front ProjectionScreen Goo Painted on Floor at Major Auto Design Center in Korea
  • Screen Goo High ContrastEdge Blending Screen at Fairview Mall in Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastSurround View Flight Simulators with Super-Realistic Wide Field-of-View
  • Screen Goo High ContrastChimelong Ocean Kingdom - Hengquin Island, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastStraight on the Wall at First United Presbyterian Church - De Pere Wisconsin
  • Screen Goo Rear ProjectionWalt Disney Company Creates Magic Trees for its Many Stores Worldwide
  • Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3DWorld's Largest 3D Screen at Universal Studios - King Kong Attraction
  • Screen Goo Rear ProjectionRear Projection Screen Goo screen at New York State University
  • Screen Goo High ContrastSingapore Telecom Movement & Gesture Recognition Centre
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastKennedy Space Center - Visitor Complex - Space Shuttle Experience
  • Screen Goo Rear ProjectionBMW Mini Launch at 2011 Frankfurt International Auto Show
  • Screen Goo High ContrastHistoric Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY Creates Immersive Concert Environment
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastBurj Khalifa - World's Tallest Building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Screen Goo High ContrastAnri Sala's No Names, No Title Exhibition at Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3DHuge 3D Curved Screens at Ferrari World - World's Largest Indoor Theme Park in Abu Dhabi
  • Screen Goo Rear ProjectionFlight Enthusiast John Shepherd's Private Home Flight Simulator
  • 140 Degree Screen Goo ScreenEvolving Planet Exhibit at World Renown Chicago Field Museum
  • Screen Goo Reference WhiteMedia Enhanced Room at University of California-Irvine Environment Institute
  • Screen Goo Rear ProjectionNature Interpretive Centre, Taman Wetlands, Malaysia
  • Screen Goo Rear ProjectionExhibit at the German Watch Museum in Glashutte, Germany
  • Screen Goo High ContrastRabbit Hole Creative Projection Mapping for Staging of MUTEMATH Odd Soul Tour
  • Screen Goo High ContrastRoof Top Film Club Builds London's Finest Outdoor Cinemas
  • Screen Goo High ContrastMedical Imaging and Training Simulators at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • Screen Goo Reference White +20Star Journey Active 3D Flight Simulators at Wanda Movie Park in Wuhan, China
  • Screen Goo High ContrastScreen Goo Provides the Views at Many Las Vegas Casinos and Sports Books
  • Screen Goo High Contrast120 foot wide Panoramic Screen at Latitude 30 Entertainment Center in Florida
  • Screen Goo High ContrastSynergy Credit Union, Lloydminster, SK, Canada
  • Screen Goo Reference White A Private Home Theater in Antalya, Turkey
  • Screen Goo High ContrastIt is Football Time at Enastron Cafeteria in Heraklion, Crete, Greece
  • Screen Goo Reference WhiteYebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
  • Screen Goo Rear Projection on Shark's Tooth ScrimOrigins of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Pageant
  • Screen Goo High Contrast2,200 square foot, 360 degree, Wrap Around Screen at Vancouver Aquarium
  • Screen Goo High ContrastState of the Art Ship Simulation at Pacific Maritime Institute, Seattle, WA
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastLecture Theater at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Screen Goo Reference WhiteStraight on the wall at a home theater in Paris, France - C'est Magnifique!
  • Screen Goo Reference WhitePixar's 20 year Animation Anniversary Exhibit at Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastInvisible Theater at Private Home in Kingston, ON, Canada
  • Screen Goo Reference White360 degree, 800 inch wide Screen at Major League Baseball's MLB Cafe in Tokyo, Japan
  • Screen Goo Rear Projection on Shark's Tooth ScrimSteely Dan Summer Steelyard Sugartooth McDan Tour
  • Screen Goo High ContrastDuty-Free Shops Use Screen Goo For Their Latest World-wide In-Store Decoration!
  • Screen Goo Rear ProjectionChanel Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastChristie Digital 2D and 3D Digital Projection Mapping at Infocomm 2011
  • Screen Goo Max Contrast17,000 Square Feet of Screens at Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts at Universal Studios, Orlando, FL
  • Screen Goo High ContrastStanford University's Nathan Cummings World-Class Art Gallery
  • Screen Goo High ContrastRock & Roll Hall of Fame's Common Ground: The Music Festival Experience
  • Screen Goo High ContrastSingapore Garden Festival at Singapore Suntec City
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastLjudbyran AB Creates a Customer Interactive Experience for Marbodal Kitchens of Sweden
  • Screen Goo High ContrastMargaret Learns to Drive From There to Here at Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
  • Screen Goo High ContrastRiver Safari Theme Park is Singapore's Latest Attraction
  • Screen Goo High ContrastScreen Goo Screen in Auditoriums and Classes at Hong Kong University
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastReception Area at High End Real Estate Complex in China
  • Screen Goo Reference WhiteA Nice Sports Bar in Ashqelon, Israel
  • Screen Goo High ContrastTMB Booth Showing Projection Mapping at LDI 2012 in Las Vegas, NV
  • Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D and Ultra MaxTransformers 3D Ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California
  • Screen Goo High Contrast138 inch Diagonal Fixed Screen at a Private Home Theater in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3DLG CNS Group Museum Uses Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D in Korea
  • Screen Goo Rear ProjectionRear Projection Screen Goo Spayed onto Clear Plexiglas at ISE 2013 in Amsterdam
  • Screen Goo Rear ProjectionEF-1 SimPit's Full Flight Simulator with 3D Visual Surround for 270 Degree Field of View
  • Screen Goo Reference WhiteThe Malay Heritage Centre in Singapore
  • Screen Goo Max ContrastTaipei International Flora Exposition Shows Nature Extravaganza on Screen Goo Cylindrical Screen
  • Screen Goo Ultra Silver 3D3D Lecture Theater at Florida State University
  • Screen Goo Reference WhiteArchitecture In Formation Designs Ultimate Bachelor Pad/Man Cave with Stealthy Wall Projection
  • Screen Goo High ContrastScreen Goo Applied Directly to Wall at Australian Museum
  • Screen Goo High ContrastNexNix Creates A Funky Cool Room At The NEC Showcase in London
  • Screen Goo Rear PprojectionCadillac Dealership in Beijing, China uses Screen Goo Rear Projection Coating in Showroom
  • Screen Goo Max Contrast30 m2 Goo Screen Interacts with Stikus at Cinepolis in Guadalajara and Monterrey, Mexico
  • Screen Goo Reference WhiteRingers Sports Lounge, Austin Texas: A Great View of the Action
  • Screen Goo High ContrastElectronic Countermeasures Creates Fountainhead Interactive Sculpture Displayed at NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas
  • Screen Goo Reference WhiteReference White Curve Goo Screen at Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives - Thailand

You can Pause/Control the slide show above by hovering your mouse anywhere on the photo - You can click on any photo to take you to story.

Cue Guru, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and Canon Test Lab Screen Goo Projects by Goo Central in Singapore         


Globe 4D Uses Screen Goo Rear Projection Coating for Fully Interactive and Immersive 4D Globe Exhibit


Sensorama Immersive Virtual Reality Ride in Brazil Uses Screen Goo High Contrast Coatings

17,000 square feet of Screen Goo Max Contrast Screens at Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida

Mahatma Gandhi Dandi-Kutir Museum Uses Screen Goo Reference White Coatings Throughout Multi-Story Exhibit Hall in India

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Uses Screen Goo for Sea, Forest, Volcano, Life-like Projection at Henggin Island, Zhuhai, Guangdong (near Macau)

Columbus earth theater & 3D National Geographic Theater Open to VIPs - Use Screen Goo Ultra Max Contrast

1,600 Square Meter High Contrast Screen Goo Screen Excites Crowds at Saudi Arabia's Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo

Sports Run Interactive Exhibit at Perot Museum of Nature and Science - Uses Screen Goo Max Contrast

Colours & Shapes Installs 2,200 square foot, 360 Degree, Wrap Around High Contrast Goo Screen at Vancouver Aquarium

Screen Goo Reference White +20 and Infitec 3D Technology at Wanda Movie Park in Wuhan, China

Another out-of-this-world 3D Projection Mapping Project Using Screen Goo, This Time with Avicii LE7VELS 2012 Tour


Below is just a few of the applications Screen Goo has been used over the past several years - Please click on any photo to go to the story

Theme Parks Concerts Projection Mapping Museums Simulators Commercial Home Theaters Sports Educational Houses of Worship Special Applications
Digital Grey Light screens at First United Presbyterian church in De Pere, WI  
Steely Dan's Steelyard - Sugartooth McDan concert tour - 2006 - Las Vegas Digital Grey Light screens at First United Presbyterian church in De Pere, WI  
View from inside John Shepherd's Flight Simulator Store Front Rear Projection on plain glass - Hong Kong - Created by Gary Li at Audio Visual Technology
Floor projection image from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex - Space Shuttle Launch Experience - in Florida, USA Harbor Green Project - Hong Kong - Created by Gary Li at Audio Visual Technology
Transas USA - Full Mission Bridge Simulator installed at the Pacific Maritime Institute in Seattle, Washington - Projection screen created by TEI using Digital Grey Light Screen Goo
Showroom at Just Hi-Fi, Kingston, Ontario, Canada



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